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New Rules and Giveaway Stuff

Posted by MageNight - 1 month ago

The first poll thing is over, don't comment there. I wanted to do this weekly, but seeing as my reach is still tiny, there's no point yet. So here's how I'd like to proceed: Every 100 followers, I'm going to be offering a free commission level piece. That means, you get to request a drawing that's full color, whether it's a single character, two characters, or just a single line, your call (within certain limits, don't be greedy) and it can be anything (again, don't be greedy, some fetishes are just not gonna happen) which means either NSFW or SFW. It can be a picture of your puppy, that'll work.

So, to give an example of how this will happen: We reach 100 people following me. Upon reaching 100, 200, so on and so on, I'm going to make a post just like this where I ask what people would like to see me draw. There is a "like" system here, and the person who gets the most "likes" on their suggestion will win. If no one is liking anyone else's posts because they want to be the one who wins, (which I assume is going to happen) I'll throw the names of everyone who participated and commented into one of those randomizers and pick the winner, then message them for their request. ANY reaction to a post will count as a point for them, so if you don't like their request don't react with a sleepy emoji or angry one, because that will count as one point for them, not you. I will elaborate more on specific dates and rules when the time comes, but for now, show your friends, show your wife, show whoever you like.

In the meantime, don't go to my previous post and ask for me to draw something there; that post is over and done and the Delia drawings are what won. Alrighty folks, see you around. I'll try to post something else new by the end of the week.